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Because CRIMINALS NEVER PLAY BY THE RULES, SMART focuses to outsmart these rule-breakers with the help of technology. SMART is a convergence between technological advancement in surveillance backed by man power reactive team.

This is a new approach towards security and surveillance provision; in line with our service motto of ‘we don’t do different things, we only do it differently’.

State-Of-The-Art Monitoring Systems and Armed-Response-Team
SMART uses a state-of-the-art monitoring systems in its approach on surveillance coupled with an Armed-Response-Team (ART) capabilities.

The almost mil-spec systems allow facial detection, facial recognition, line-crossing alert and few other smart features in perimeter guarding.

RPS monitoring Center using latest Content Management Software (CMS) software provides real-time interactive remote video monitoring services to prevent break-ins, theft and crime at client locations. Sentry utilizes an open platform monitoring software capable of integrating with most major camera manufacturers and video management systems.

After receiving an event-driven alarm, our 24-hour Operations Center immediately assesses the situation in real-time and reacts accordingly, in most cases by contacting security team at site, we call Armed Response Team (ART) to reacts or activating audible alarms with strobes, warning off intruders through loudspeakers or by calling the local authorities.

Powered by SMART, sentry provides a more comprehensive and cost effective security solution than burglar alarms, unmonitored surveillance cameras, and on-site guards.

Our Service Elements

State-Of-The-Art Surveillance System
24/7/365 Monitoring Center
Armed Response Team (Recommended)
K9 Capabilities (Optional)
Crisis Management Team (Optional)

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